villento casino review : how to play online ?

Online gambling is still not officially regulated in the Netherlands. The Dutch Gaming Act dates back to 1964 and the word ‘online’ does not appear in it. A new law, the Distance Gambling Act, is in the making.

From 2018 or 2019 you can gamble fully legal in the Netherlands. Until then, it will be tolerated by the Gaming Authority. At least, if online casinos adhere to a number of tolerance agreements. Websites are not allowed to be in Dutch and not on a .nl domain. Nor may advertising be made on television, on the radio or through printed media. An advertisement in de Telegraaf, a door-to-door magazine or addressed advertising ? It is not allowed.


Villento Casino sends mail with advertising for casinos

Unsolicited as well. From a number of people who have received letters from Villento Casino, we have learned that they have never registered at Villento Casino. So it is a mystery how Villento Casino got these addresses. Let alone that these people ever gave Villento permission to send them casino advertisements. Somewhere Villento found the addresses of these people.

Next, at Villento Casino, someone thought that it might be a good idea to inform these people about a bonus from Villento by mail, unsolicited. Strictly forbidden, but with a license in the Canadian Indian reserve Kahnawake and an office somewhere in the Australian Sydney, you don’t have to worry so much about the Dutch Gaming Authority. In the letter the recipients were encouraged to surf to the Villento Casino website. To persuade them, they were promised 5 dollars free play money without depositing.

Villento Casino : our name is Haas’.

Of course, Villento Casino has been called to account for this. Villento is part of the Casino Rewards group. In online casino land this is a rather notorious group. Casino Rewards is best known for its spamming, player complaints and hoax messages on social media. In November, Villento was addressed about this at the GPWA forum. In February, Villento – after much insistence – came up with a response. The reaction is a crystal-clear denial. Villento Casino knows absolutely nothing about it.

  • No letters have been sent to Dutch players and proving that you didn’t send something is simply very difficult. In short: Villento knows absolutely nothing about a letter. Yet it is certain that players have received this letter.
  • So according to Villento’s reasoning, someone without their knowledge would have sent a letter to people with an exclusive bonus code for Villento. What’s different is that the bonus code works. Someone at Villento has activated this bonus code.
  • Otherwise a bonus code can’t work. So the story that Villento doesn’t know about is just a weird one. 100% conclusive proof? Maybe not. But all other options, including the one suggested by Villento Casino, are highly unlikely.
  • On top of that, Casino Rewards, the owner of Villento, has already shown many times not to shy away from dubious marketing tactics. On social media, for example, you regularly read hoax stories about people who supposedly win jackpots.
  • If you click through, you often end up at Zodiac Casino and Captain Cook Casino. These are two other online casinos of Casino Rewards.

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